Writing Projects


I am working on my first novel series project and the working title for it is “One More Chance for Love”.

I have completed the first draft of the first novel in the series “In the Name of Love” and I am now going through the editing/revision stage of the process.

Below is a brief synopsis of the story:

Life was easy when love was new but after rushing into marriage, an accidental pregnancy with the death of that infant son, the relentless pursuit of a dream, and the sudden realization that her husband has created a new relationship with someone else, Jewel Malveaux looks back on the husband she wounded and the slow destruction of her marriage.

 Her discoveries propel her into a journey through the wilderness of her heart and soul to reveal the ultimate path she must travel to attain redemption and forgiveness or lose the only man she truly loves.

This story will deal with what happens when a person embraces the belief that the way to mend a broken heart is to find another love.