About Elaine



I am a native Texan living in a suburb north of the fourth largest, multi-cultural, and internationally-known city in the United States – Houston.

I am a woman who enjoys meeting people of all cultures and I never meet a stranger.

I am adventurous and afflicted with wanderlust.

I am a traveler who enjoys visiting the interesting, beautiful, and cultural places in the world.

I am a person who is embracing the life of expression through the written word.

I am a blogger who writes about what women “say” and “do” when they gather socially.   I provide an enlightening peek inside those gatherings.

I am a storyteller who discovered that the written word is the most natural method to present my stories.


I believe in life affirmations and here are the ones I defined for my writing life:











Writing Process  –  There is no one perfect writing process.   There is only my perfect writing process.

Time Management – An unpublished writer has a clean house.

Writing Motivation  – Just show up and write what happens.

Learning the Craft  – Knowledge seekers never quit.

Networking – Writers talk to people in their heads so why wouldn’t they talk to me?

Getting Published – The road to publication is paved by my talent, efforts and confidence.

The Writing Life – Own It !


Writing Profession Memberships:

Writers’ League of Texas

Romance Writers of America National Organization

Northwest Houston Romance Writers of America

West Houston Romance Writers of America

Houston Bay Area Romance Writers of America