014There is a Greek myth which proposes that once man and woman were one creature. This joined creature loved and lived in blissful harmony. However, the Greek gods on Mount Olympus became bored and deliberately separated this creature. They scattered the halves across the world and enjoyed watching the tribulations the creature endured searching to find their “better” half. Some were reunited and some were not, but their lives were never the same. Discovering this myth as a young teen influenced my beliefs about the human relational journey.

I believe that our greatest earthly treasures lie in our relationships. These relationships are frothing with emotions and motivations that create a continuous stream of “what ifs” in the imagination of any writer. Some of the greatest stories start with this question. What if a man falls in love with the daughter of his family’s enemy? (Romeo and Juliet) What if a woman rejects the man she truly loves and marries another? (Wuthering Heights) What if a married man wants another man’s wife? (David and Bathsheba).

My writing interests lie in how we human beings relate to one another. Through story, I want to convey our journeys to the realization that what we find in each other is the only thing we carry with us when we depart this earthly existence.