Women become a mysterious being – an enigma – to their spouses, children, and other family members when they put on their “glad rags”, paint a little color on their face, click their heels, grab their favorite handbag, and announce they are off to a girlfriend gathering.  Everyone wonders what exactly happens at those gatherings.

This was the brainstorm that inspired me to create my blog site – Gossip from the Girlfriend Gatherings.

I am very social and very blessed to have a group of brilliant and wonderful girlfriends.  We gather often and we discuss all sorts of topics since we all have such diverse lives.   These gatherings gave me the idea for my blog site and they have been very fruitful for me as a blogger.   I am always making notes for future blog posts and sometimes my girlfriends say to to me during our discussions, “Elaine, you need to blog about that!”

My goal for my blog site is to cross boundaries, enlighten, and engage all women in discussions about matters that are important to them in the many roles they fulfill in their lives.   I want my blog site to raise awareness about the influential power women hold in their families and in society.




My blog site IS my dynamic and evolving voice.

Click here ( and come join the girlfriend gathering.

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